Real Time Composition (2017)

Image by Lindsey Appolis

Performance project with Thalia Laric, Nicky Visser, Kristina Johnstone, Hannah Loewenthal, Lucia Walker and Zee Hartmann. Performed as a forty-minute piece at the ICA Live Art Festival 2017 and subsequently at my studio at the Bijou in Cape Town.

We came together over eight weeks investigating approaches to and developing skills for collective improvisation in sound and movement, led by Thalia Laric as part of her Institute for Creative Arts fellowship. I used a piano (when available) and various objects to create sound and explored ways of moving between focus on movement and focus on sound production.

From left: Coila, Nicky, Thalia, Hannah, Kristina. Image by Lindsey Appolis

From left: Hannah, Thalia (foreground), Nicky, unknown. Image by Lindsey Appolis

From left: Lucia and Nicky. Image by Lindsey Appolis

From left: Nicky, Lucia, Coila. Image by Ashley Walters

From left: Metronome, Zee, Coila, Hannah. Image by Ashley Walters